It is the outlook that builds a dissertation.

It is like a marathon

In your academic life, this probably will be the lengthiest piece of work you will write. Just like a marathon, you need to get prepared by using the methods necessary. Be simple and straight to the point. Get both your mental and physical health on the check. You can have small and simple activities like walking, jogging, or stretching. The marathon bit comes during the points of doing research, reading, and the writing process.

As a marathon demands, you must have a plan that is either formal or informal. You can achieve this by seeking help from your advisors to get the right path to follow. There will be heavy reading and a lot of studying to get you through. It will probably take you 3-5 months to get your ground on your topic.

It is similar to work

The process of writing a dissertation is work. Your identity will get defined through it. Just like work, you must be ready and prepared. Putting in 6-8 hours a day will ultimately help you through the tedious scraping of knowledge. Have your own space free from distractors to smoothen your process.

Not many people will acknowledge what you do or even appreciate it. A single paragraph of your dissertation may take you hours of reading and researching, which most people will not understand. Set manageable goals for yourself as you work through your dissertation. If it gets to your nerves, complain inwardly as dishing out your frustrations to people who do not even understand you will be a pure waste of energy and emotions.

It is like a game

Thinking of a dissertation as a game does not mean you don’t take it seriously. As Johan Huizinga said, the act of playing is a serious business. Learn how to face critics, how to carry yourself, and how to behave academically. Carry your dissertation everywhere you go.

In the process of writing a dissertation, there are two things that you ought to do every day. That is to read and write. If you do these in fulfillment, you will collect enough information to help you finish your project.

Whatever you do, or get in to, always portray your image as a hardworking person. Be a person who sets goals and strives to achieve them by reading and writing every day. You may not be the smartest student, but your hard work will surely pay off in the end. Some people might have the most brilliant ideas but lack the will to put in the struggle. That is where they fail.

During the selection of your advisors, choose the bossiest of them all. They will be open to questions posed to them and are usually receptive. Do this by sending emails, explaining that you are getting started on your work and that you noticed they passed the same path long ago, and if they have tips on how to maneuver the long process, you will ultimately love to have a sit down with them and get the points.

In every game, there are winners and losers. Some people may fail to finish their dissertation in time and withdraw from the process. The trick is to push on and fight your obstacles, as giving up will weigh heavily on your shoulders.