Major research areas in Supply Chain Management are giving a great thesis that is turning worldwide trends around. Several students are looking for a good start, and this is evident in the ever-increasing strength of global SCM.

Most students are on the verge of having a struggle during the first stages of academic writing. The reason behind this is the change in trends in the industry. The lack of ideas and the sprouting of new research topics is an additional problem for the struggle.

Old and New Industries

There have been recent shifts in patterns in the academic world. Coming from the traditional approach of handling research to other new methods, it has made the research scope to be more student-centered. Students are at the forefront of developing the SCM thesis. The students craft the dissertation, research, topic creation.

New industries, including Apple and Amazon, have been at the forefront of transforming old concepts with the disruption of technology, which has allowed the sprouting of contemporary trends, especially in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Top 30 Supply Chain Management Thesis Topics

As always expected, a thesis involving supply chain management should be comprehensive. There is a vast collection of topics to pick from and choose. Here below are some of the subjects that students can choose from and do research in their postgraduate studies in Supply Chain Management.

Digital Transformation

  1. Learning techniques of a machine in Supply Chain Management.
  2. COVID-19 effect on the implementation of Digital Transformation
  3. Smart Initiatives of the Government in Driving digital Change
  4. The Challenges, enablers and success factors of digital transformation
  5. Decision making [process: The cross-functional collaboration
  6. Data and Interdependencies value in making decisions
  7. Virtual teams linkage to Digital leadership

Sustainable Project Management (SPM)

  1. How Blockchain can help in SPM
  2. How to apply Sustainable Project Management to any project
  3. The factors affecting the efficient Supply management system application.

IoT- Industry 4.0 and Big Data

  1. The challenges, enablers, and success factors in the Logistics application of IoT.
  2. Impact of big data in DDMRP
  3. The use of technology and its evaluation in supply chain management
  4. How practicable are IoT and the intertwined supply net
  5. How Industry 4.0 affects supply chain management
  6. E-Logistics application in operations of the supply chain
  7. The challenges, enablers and success factors in the implementation of IoT in Industries of 3PL or 4PL
  8. Supply chain resilience extension to Industry 4.0

Supply Chain Management and Operations

  1. The impact of transportation and mobility solutions on logistics
  2. Corporate outsourcing: Study on supply chain management roles
  3. The perspective of partnerships in Supply Chain Management
  4. TQM Implementation: Commitment levels to top management
  5. How to assess the capabilities of Supply chain management risk management
  6. How to evaluate risks and governance in SCM
  7. Exports and Imports strategies evaluation for reduction of cost in Supply chain management
  8. The effects of firm performance and its relationship to Total Quality Management Practices
  9. Technological Innovation Performance: influence of practices of environmental management and the integration of the supply chain.
  10. Green Supply chain management implementation and practices
  11. Total Quality Management practices relationship with the outcomes on the performance of the firm or organization.
  12. In the coming years, today’s supply chain systems will see significant technological changes. They may face backlashes.