There is a much difference between a thesis and a dissertation. People usually refer to both as the same. However, that is not right. A thesis is simply a statement or a stance that you take while, a dissertation is where you use scientific method and research to develop for or against the thesis statement. If you are supposed to write a dissertation for getting your advanced level degree there are a few things that you must keep in mind.
Finnish your dissertation on time

Don’t delay

Students who are asked to write dissertations in the universities or college usually find it hard to stay motivated and start writing. They are stressed about the dissertation writing process that they delay it for future. However, this approach will only lead to problems. If you want to finish your dissertation on time, it is important that you do not delay and start right away

Set long term and short term goals

Planning your dissertation is very critical in saving time. If you spend a few hours in planning and setting milestones then you will save a lot of time. Start by setting long-term goals, you can set a milestone for each chapter. Once you have made the long-term plans, you can then break them down into smaller milestones.

Set a target daily

Small milestones can be daily based. For instance, you can set a word count for each day and similarly a milestone for each hour. This way you will be able to meet your deadlines easily.

Research properly

One of the most important things in writing a dissertation is research. There are two types of research. i.e. Primary and secondary. In primary research, you have to collect first hand data like conducting interviews and carrying out surveys. The secondary research involves collecting second hand data that is already available on the subject. This can include books, journals, newspapers and government statistics and reports

Don’t move away from your topic

If you want to finish early, it is important that you stick to your topic. If you divert away from the subject it is most likely that you will waste time

Take small breaks

The average concentration period for humans is 30 minutes, after that it is important that you take a small break. This will help you in improving your productivity

The final step is to Write your paper