Writing a PhD thesis in epidemiology can be a struggle if you have no idea what to write about, but when you do it makes the project extremely easy to do. Only pick a title that you know you can get a good grade out of, since you don’t want to spend time doing something you know you want get good marks out of. Also, pick something that you already can invasion what you are going to write about, because this way you know you will be able to create something good. So please read this article to the end to find out how you can create a good paper.

  1. How can we stop the spreading of AIDS?
  2. How will the science epidemiology look in a 100 years?
  3. Do we need epidemiology?
  4. How much as a society do we rely on epidemiology?
  5. Chemical exposure
  6. How can we treat people who have been exposed to radiation?
  7. Why can working in a power plant be deadly for the people around it?
  8. How can we prevent the spread of diseases?
  9. Are we close to finding a cure to cancer and other deadly diseases?
  10. What is the dangers of bioterrorism?
  11. Can eating too much tuna give you mercury poisoning?
  12. What would happen if we didn’t receive flu shots?
  13. How did we cure smallpox?
  14. Is there any way we can stop sexually transmitted diseases and infections?
  15. What is HIV and can we cure it?
  16. What are the vaccine preventable diseases?
  17. What are the dangers of sulfuric acid to the human body?
  18. What happens to the body when we unknowingly ingest moldy food?
  19. The most deadliest parasites to live on the earth
  20. What are the most coinages diseases on the earth?

There are a lot more titles that you can think of yourself, but make sure to take the time to do so. As thinking of the right title for you can take time, which will all be worth it when you get a good grade. Plus you will be more productive when doing the work.